We Create Designs That Attract, Work and Convert

We understand the importance of an attractive user interface and a mesmerizing user experience. That’s why we give special attention to the overall design of all applications we build. We take a holistic approach wherein we consider all essential elements and devise strategies that yield profitable results.

Benefits of our UX/UI Design services

We start with Strategy to understand you, business goals, vision, communication rules, target audience, and competitors. Together we will form design workgroup, define stakeholders, decision maker, and define KPIs by which we will measure success. We can help you build product pitch presentation and initiate mood board.
  • Saves Time & Money
    Cuts the cost in terms of time and money on building incorrect features and eliminates flow issues early.
  • Speed and Quality
    Improves collaboration with developers as they will get clearer idea on how the application should behave.
  • Precise Project Planning
    Creates input materials for project planning to estimate how much time is needed for implementation.

Our UX Team will help you create cost-effective and intuitive solutions

We work closely with front-end developers, often implementing the designs with them. We take into account UI framework and libraries in design. To streamline collaboration with front-end developers we use tools like InVision, Zeplin, Storybook and Chromatic (visual tests each UI component).
  • Research & Analysis
    We work together with you to understand your business goals. We evaluate the current solution using Google Analytics, client suggestions, bug reports, competitors' solutions, and case studies.
  • UX Design & Validation
    Build a high-fidelity prototype with detailed aspects, including UI components, layouts, and the information hierarchy. Validate it with the end users until we reach the perfect product and interface.
  • UI Implementation
    Implement UI with Responsive Web Design best practices and cross-browser support. For complex enterprise systems, we work using a Design System to maintain consistency across all products.