Automate & Revamp Your Overall Business Activities

By harnessing the power of DevOps, you can speed up your development cycle at affordable costs and steer productivity in a flash. So, why wait? Pace up your business operations by choosing AVJ Solution’s DevOps managed services that yield fruitful results.

Benefits of DevOps

Our DevOps team will help you accelerate your software delivery chain while ensuring a consistent strategy and vision. We will work together to strengthen your processes and find tools best suited for your business operations.

We can provide you with a complete cloud infrastructure by setting up server environments, either cloud-based using AWS, Google Cloud Platform or on-premises. Apart from that Selleo will help you automate your deployment and launch a new copy of your live production environment within minutes.

  • Improve Operational Efficiency‎
    Create a more stable operating environments and automate repetitive tasks. Make use of cloud technologies to integrate development and operations teams.
  • Quality & Robustness of the Rolution
    Agile DevOps practices lower the failure rate and shorten lead time. They help to create an environment nurturing growth and flexibility.
  • Reduced Business Risk
    Improve client satisfaction by faster responses to feedback. Implementing a DevOps program will result in more frequent deployments and fantastic customer experience.

DevOps Services

The Selleo team of experts will find a DevOps setup that will give you the best performance and stability no matter the challenges you are facing.
  • Environment Configuration
    Optimize the operation of your existing environment with automation processes with Terraform or a deployment manager. For CICD we use tools like: CircleCI, AWS CodePipeline, GitHub Actions, GitLabCI or Google CloudBuild but we are also open for any other tools.
  • Compute Cloud
    We use EC2 to provide a working environment for containers connected to AutoScaling Groups based on ECS or Nomad workload orchestrators. AWS Lambda, Cloud Functions, AWS Fargate and API Gateway provide easy scaling and a high availability way to use serverless computing.
  • Container Orchestrators
    Container orchestrators will bring flexibility and efficiency to your development process Working with Selleo will allow you to choose one of the most popular container orchestrators like ECS, Nomad with Consul or Kubernetes. Of course, we can automate the deployment process for other workload tools
  • Storage & Network Delivery
    Use cloud storage and fast content delivery to keep and retrieve any amount of data at any time from anywhere on the web.
  • Cloud Databases
    Set up, operate, and scale a cloud database with Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, Cloud SQL or Elasticsearch.
  • Application Integration
    Set up SES, SNS, SQS, MQ, Athena and other AWS services, including more advanced such as Machine Learning.