Job Description

  • Experienced with Scala, Spark, Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Hadoop and related ecosystem and worked with AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Responsible to Ingest data from files, streams, and databases. Process the data with Python, Pyspark and Scala
  • Develop programs in Spark, Scala, and Hive as part of data cleaning and processing
  • Responsible to design and develop distributed, high volume, high velocity multi-threaded event processing systems
  • Develop efficient software code for multiple use cases leveraging Spark and Big Data technologies for various use cases built on the platform
  • Implement scalable solutions to meet the ever-increasing data volumes, using big data/cloud technologies Spark, Scala, Hive any Cloud computing etc.
  • Required Technical and Professional Expertise
  • Minimum 4-7 years of experience in Big Data technologies
  • Minimum 4+ years of experience in Python, Spark / Pyspark, Scala and Hive programming Experience in developing applications on Big Data and Cognitive technologies including API development
  • Application Development background along with knowledge of Analytics libraries, open-source Natural Language Processing, statistical and big data computing libraries
  • Demonstrated ability in solutioning covering data ingestion, data cleansing, ETL, data mart creation and exposing data for consumers

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